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Odds & Ends Soap Set With Soap Saver Bag | About 18ozs. of Soap | Zero Waste Products | Eco-Friendly Soap Gift Set | Soap Sampler Set


Every paper bag is stuffed with a wide variety of fresh Bare Natural Soap Co.'s soaps, un-wrapped bars, slivers, ends, irregulars and underweight cuts that need a home. They might look different, but they work just the same. You will receive approx. 18 oz. of all natural soap. These are odds and ends and are perfect for travel, little hands or keeping in a bowl or mason jar in a guest bathroom.


Each Odds & Ends Soap Set comes in an eco-friendly brown paper bag. Soap bars are wrapped in jute rope and would make the perfect gift. Each soap set comes with a saver bag made of sustainable sisal, a 100% natural fiber.


What's In The Bag? Un-wrapped soap with no packaging Slivers and ends from our soap cutting process Imperfect bars Underweight bars


What you get: 1 bag of soap 1 sisal soap saver bag

Odds & Ends Soap Set

Sales Tax Included
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